Elevating Our Humanity in a Divided World

Corporate Training and Facilitation For Race & Diversity

Navigate Needed Conversations

Identify blindspots and address how to move forward to value all individuals and maximize their potential.

Humans First

Create a thriving workplace where both people and profits are valuable.

Create Health &
Growth in Diversity

Value unique differences and leverage diverse perspectives to strengthen and grow all areas of the organization.

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Why work with us?

We create safe environments to be human together, bringing steadying voices of clarity and guidance.

The heart behind Corporate Humans

Many corporations are uncomfortable moving into messy and hard conversations. This is where we thrive, because we believe that in the mess is where the most powerful opportunities exist. Skilled at facilitating groups and conversations, it's our heart to help move your organization to becoming a place where all humans can flourish.

Changing Your Corporate Culture Begins Here:


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Who we are:

Nicole Unice

Nicole brings 20 years of leadership and counseling experience to her passion for facilitating environments of safety and vulnerability so that leaders and teams can courageously identify obstacles keeping them from maximum potential. With expertise both in individual and systems health, her skill as a coach and facilitator allow her to help organizations identify the actual problem and discover innovative solutions.

Nicole’s clients are encouraged to work toward understanding themselves in order to effectively lead others. Nicole employs a broad range of approaches from both counseling and leadership development, inspiring people to think more deeply and integrate their history and vulnerability into a powerful connection with others. Nicole is the author of several books and video series, including her latest offering in 2021, "The Miracle Moment," a new look at communicating for meaningful connection at both home and work.

Katina Napper

Katina’s 20 years of experience in Leadership has been focused at the core on Diversity, Equity, Culture, and Inclusion. She is a champion of and believer in diverse people working together as the path to excellence and the vehicle to true impact.

Katina has experienced this personally as well as professionally. At the age of 8, she was taken in by a family, that happened to be of a different race, and later adopted. Katina maintained a relationship with her biological mother. She credits her family, her mother, and her neighborhood as “a diverse group of regular people stepping up and making choices that changed her life.”  

She has served as a Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Team Lead, and Strategic Leader always passionate about people.  With expertise in Higher Education and skill as a coach and facilitator, Katina is able to help organizations have crucial conversations that lead to identifying actual problems and/or opportunities as well as actionable steps forward.

Do you need to discover:

  • Tactful ways to address sensitive topics? Often these conversations require additional care outside of traditional HR structures. They need to be carefully broached by an outside voice.
  • Ways to support all minority groups, whether it be race, gender, or sexual orientation, helping them feel heard and supported? True advocacy often takes an investment.
  • How to value individual differences so as to maximize the potential of all employees? Leaders and managers can grow into new language and behaviors for maximum impact.
  • How to prevent the negative impacts of bullying, microaggressions, or abusive behaviors? Raise awareness on all levels of your organization in order to shape a culture of inclusion and empathy.

Statistics are telling:

The people have spoken. And they are speaking the truth:

Less likely to get interviewed

If a resume has a black sounding name then it is 50% less likely to get a callback than a white sounding name.

Studies also show that employers are more likely to consider a white candidate with a criminal record than a black candidate with no criminal history.

Diverse Importance

67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities, and more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity. (Glassdoor)

Without diverse leadership, women are 20% less likely than straight white men to win endorsement for their ideas; people of color are 24% less likely; and those who identify as LGBT are 21% less likely.

Have experienced racism

According to a Glassdoor survey, 42% of employees in the US have experienced or seen racism at their job.

55% of workers believe their company should do more to increase diversity and inclusion.

Higher revenue

Ok... this is a good stat. Companies with diverse management teams produce 19% higher revenue due to innovation.

Higher representation of women in C-suite level positions results in 34% greater returns to shareholders. (Fast Company)

Choose the best option for your organization:

Quick Start Conversations

2 hour facilitated workshops around one of the following topics:
Collaborating Across Differences
Identifying Blindspots
Conflict Resolution
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Customized Packages

For ongoing facilitation and training you'll pick a customized package around the following topics. Pick one or design a quarterly or 6 month training plan.
Empathy as the Competitive Edge
Recognizing Blindspots
Critical Conversations for Teams
Managing in a Diverse World
Telling a Diverse Story
Conversation in Conflict
Managing Your Biases
Collaboration and Difference
Developing Diverse Leadership Pipelines
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Ongoing Support

From custom workshops for one team or the entire company to fractional cultural officer positions, we will work with you to come alongside your corporation for lasting change.
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Nicole has been a huge help as I’ve navigated working with our board of directors around crucial strategic decisions. Her wisdom and experience have helped me to rethink how I engage with key stakeholders on critical issues that won’t be solved in a day.

Sometimes the topics that need addressed are difficult to handle internally. Corporate Humans is able to step in and skillfully maneuver these conversations helping every person in the room feel valued.

I had a member of Corporate Humans join us for an annual planning day. She helped guide the dialogue but the value came at end of the day when I was brought up to speed on the individual team members that could benefit from specific coaching. Our team is stronger today in more ways than I can count.

"Diversity isn't just about who we invite to the table, but about who has a voice at the table."
- Latisha Morrison

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